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I'm Jon Edwards. I am an editor and colorist operating in the Los Angeles area. I graduated Valedictorian from Columbia College Hollywood with a BFA in Cinema, majoring in Editing in 2017.

Editing is my calling. I spent my whole life immersed in stories of all kinds. For me, editing is the final piece of the film-making process. Its the step that gives life and form to a creator's vision. I do this through extreme attention to detail, organizational skills, technical efficiency, and professionalism. All these skills I contribute to my eight years in the US Army.

However, its not enough for an editor to know the software and basic editing techniques. For an editor to truly bring the most out of any project they are working on, it requires that editor have a true insight and understanding of human nature; how people interact with one another. Its more than just what people say. Its about how they say it and more importantly, what they don't say. Understanding subtext and having a strong sense of artistic timing are paramount. I am a student of human nature and after 30 years of observation, I have found a profession that allows me to apply my skills. Allow me to apply my skills to your project and I will help you bring it to life.

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Editing Reel

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Narrative work

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Moxie -           select scene

"An undercover cop sets out to find evidence against a career criminal who evaded justice."

This short film was the senior thesis film from the talented writer/director Sara Margret.

I edited and did all the color work for this short film. Below is a select scene from the film. The full film is currently making is way through the festival circuit.

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Room&BOred - select scene

"A short sitcom about two roommates, hard up for money, deciding to rent out what little room they have in their rent-controlled 2 bedroom apartment."

An original comedy series created and starring Alex Rapport and Thomas Szymanski.

Below is the first episode from the series. For the whole series, click the link below for the series's YouTube page.

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Life as a mermaid - select episode

90k+ Subscribers

"A curious mermaid explores the human world in order to find love, but everyone runs away once they find out she's half fish."

An ever evolving, family oriented, fantasy, adventure web series in it's third season, directed by Julia Alexa Miler. The series stars Taylor Huff, Cambell Dodson, and Maria Feist.

I came on as an editor in season three. Below is a link to one of the several episode I edited. Click the link below that to check out the whole series on YouTube.

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Samples of unscripted my work which include documentaries, reality work, promotional pieces and behind the scenes content.

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Mermaid origins - Behind the scenes

"The cast and crew of 'Life as a Mermaid' talk about everything when into creating the new underwater short film, 'Mermaid Origins'"

The web series, "Life as a Mermaid" shot a transition short film between season 2 and 3. I offered my service to shoot and cut together a behind the scene featurette for their YouTube channel.

I love shooting and editing behind the scene content for narrative projects. Being on set in the capacity and capturing the story behind the story is something I have a great passion for. I find BTS content to be a highly effective way to engage one's audience through social media and increase traffic for crowdfunding campaigns.

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film student - select scenes

"A reality show about over the top film students competing against one another to be the sole director of their own thesis film."

I took an Editing: Reality class in college a few quarters ago. In the class we actually shot a full 44 minute episode for a made up reality show called "Film Student" which we created for the class specifically. It was really more of a spoof than anything, but was actually really funny and awesome to work on. In a class of eight or nine editors we all worked together to make the show.

Below are two of the segments I cut for the episodes.

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beer run -    episode trailer

"The series 'Beer Run' takes viewers to different brewery and gives a look inside how the beer is made."

I also cut promotional pieces such as trailers, sizzle reels and others. "Beer Run" created by Jai Pellerin and Arthur Hinson and hosted by Jai himself is one of promotional trailers I've worked on.

Below is a trailer I edited for one of the episodes that visits brewer and restaurant "The Faculty"

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